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Kristeen Herweyer

March 17, 2021
Holland, MI


Life Story / Obituary


Kristeen Herweyer, known to her family and friends as Kris, was born March 26, 1948, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and died March 16, 2021, in Holland, Michigan, just 10 days before her 73rd birthday. The cause of death was complications from heart and lung conditions that had developed in recent years.

Kris attended high school in Missouri as well as Michigan, and after graduation moved to Holland in the early 1970s. She worked in various clerk and service capacities in Holland in the 1970s before her marriages, and resided most recently in her condominium on the south side of the city.

Known for her steadfast love of animals, especially dogs, she was especially devoted to Precious, her canine companion of many years. Her life was eventful, with some of the events joyous and fulfilling and others challenging. Throughout, she maintained a sense of humor and called many people her friends as they traveled through her life, leaving many memories and much love.

She is survived by her brother, Jay Moore, and sister in law, Betty Diekema Moore, who live in Fox Point, WI. She was preceded in death in 1969 by her father, John Moore, and in 2003 by her mother, Pauline Heggie.

On behalf of the family, we thank all the caregivers and others who supported her. A memorial service will be scheduled at a later date.