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Jason M. Malayter

January 16, 1975 - May 13, 2020
Holland, MI


Life Story / Obituary


Jason Mitchell Malayter was born January 16, 1975 to parents Kristy and Edward Malayter. After a hard fought battle for his life he lost his battle with addiction on May 12, 2020. To the very end he was striving with all his might to regain his life in the most healthy and meaningful way, forging the most authentic relationships with his family and close knit circle of people who experienced his golden essence.Because of the nature of his disease and societal scorn associated with it, Jason and the love of his life, Jenny, kept their circle small and close to their hearts, but those few people who really knew him, know this world has lost a most precious and rare soul; one who walked in truth. Children seemed to innately recognize this while they resonated with him and were drawn to him. Under different circumstances he would have been such a good dad but he was in ways with the children of friends.

Jason possessed an intelligence that spanned beyond carnal knowledge, devoid of ego he overcame many of the trappings that hold us back from loving without conditions. He could rebuild an engine, tackle wiring, plumbing and just about any carpentry job, all self taught and was always willing to help family and friends with his skills. His knowledge and understanding on an array of subjects baffled so many of us yet his humility allowed him to connect with anyone who had even a slightly open heart and we became better people through our experiences with him. His reverence for the earth and all her creatures never escaped his actions and his heart beat in harmony with creation, counter to the times he lived in. Never more apparent than in the connection he had with Eli and Stella, their two rescue pit pulls. Their shared love, empathy and loyalty was a mutual heart connection.

Throughout his struggles Jason's life partner, Jenny, never let go of his true nature and together they shared a depth to their relationship few people ever experience. Jason's mother, Kris, never gave up on him and because of that pure love she was rewarded a mother/son relationship so authentic and honest that it transcends all understanding. Like the prodigal son, Jason's father, Ed, embraced his son completely. Jason loved his younger brother, Kyle, with all his heart. Their bond will never be broken. Jenny"s mother, Nancy, loved Jason as a son and throughout all the struggles never left his side. Jason kept alive all the wonderful memories with Aunts and Uncles and his Nonnie and grandma, in many ways he was our shared child.

In the last part of Jason's life while he worked so hard to maintain a substance free life, he was able to connect with all his family, each one in unique genuine ways, leaving us all with an aching for more but also a desire to honor this shining star as better humans. As Jesus and all the awakened mystics spanning time have taught us; that we are here on this earth to love and forgive each other, Jason fulfilled this message. He left this earth complete in his forgiveness, harboring no grudges, no hints of victimization, and in transcending love. He mastered his lessons. Until we are together again let your spirit shine Jason!